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Shut Your Phone

How to use your phone in a healthy way and experience some real digital peace over Christmas? Samsung’s project challenged thousands of Czechs and Slovaks to keep an eye on the Advent calendar, with twenty-four daily tasks assigned each to a day, focusing on digital detox. Simultaneously, they introduced new phones with a silent mode feature.


#SklapniMobil (Shut Your Phone) is an online Advent calendar focused on a digital peace of mind, brought to you by Samsung in Czechia and Slovakia. The aim was to shed light onto the new series of flip phones, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3. Advent is meant to be a relaxed and meditative time and is easier to keep that way with the retro flip phone design. This design naturally suppresses the constant, intense craving to check your phone, hence the title “Shut Your Phone”. Since then, the concept of an Advent detox calendar was established.

The challenge was designed and thoroughly thought out with the help of professionals in the field and influencers, and then systematically posted on a specialized website. This resulted in attracting 13 000 active participants during the Advent period. Besides successfully introducing their new product line, Samsung also became the first electronics manufacturer in Czechia and Slovakia to bring awareness to the issue of phone addiction. The campaign also allowed the company to present itself as a responsible manufacturer, while offering a solution to the problem with their new line of products.

Thanks to spontaneous support from influencers and news reporters, the server was immediately overloaded at the website’s launch due to hundreds of people interested in registering. Overall, the website was visited by 36 000 unique visitors. The project amassed 53 media outlets and achieved a score of 31 GRP, while zeroing in on the target audience’s media, such as Refresher and Heroine. Samsung’s reach on social media (IG, FB) exceeded 1.4 million, while on the influencer and media networks, the number soared to over 7.5 million.


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