Zdravotní klaun (The Medical Clown)
celebrates 20 years!

We seized a rare opportunity to explain the nature of this organization’s work. Most people didn’t know that Zdravotní klaun’s focus in the field is very serious, their duties range from a demanding process of recruiting new “clowns”, mandatory schooling, or teaching at medical universities.

The anniversary became the perfect starting point for this project, as we sent all of the clowns to the hospitals. This time, though, their mission was to cheer up the staff instead of the patients, with a symbolic 20 minutes of laughter, with each minute representing a year of the organization’s existence. In just one day, 251 wards in 62 hospitals were visited by 86 clowns. Until the last minute, we had no idea if this “marathon” would even happen. Due to the pandemic, our fear was rational, but ultimately unfounded, since it all worked out! Our next linking campaign focused on media relations, as we gave the media exclusive topics through which they could demonstrate the competence and professionalism of the organization’s clowns.


  • 119 outputs reaching 90,31 GRP.
  • 20 Minutes of Laughter, an event that received a lot of media attention, made it into mainstream and lifestyle outlets, such as Česká televize, Frekvence 1, Seznam News, iDnes.cz, or podcasts such as Deep Talks and Slyšíme se.
  • However, our top priority was fundraising. The time period had been far more successful than previous years.

A real-time, action-packed test of critical infrastructure


The critical infrastructure sector is one of the business verticals of Axis Communications. Their products are only a mere part of larger, complex solutions. And what better way is there to show the innovation in securitsystems that haven’t been installed yet in the Czech Republic?

We proposed a live test for the security system in a critical infrastructure area, one that is perfect for such tests – the Smart City Polygon in Pilsen. We invited Axis’ partners as well, such as SECURITAS ČR, software developers ZLD & Jalud Embedded, and finally, an expert from the Association of Critical Infrastructure. The goal was to test the installation of different systems, simulate three different scenarios of an attack, to invite the media and to create an action video adaptable for the marketing purposes of all of Axis’ partners.


  • Altogether 15 outputs with the reach of 21 GRP including the ČT24 website and reports in Seznam TV news.
  • For some of our partners, the event became the beginning of a larger commercial collaboration.
  • The most important part was the video itself. The main clip is still used by Axis during trade negotiations and was even featured on TV, specifically ČT 1. A further edited version was used by SECURITAS ČR to present their RVS camera system.


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